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This is a private computer facility, protected by a security system. Access to and use requires explicit, written, current authorization and is limited ti purposes of the organization's business. Unauthorized access or attempts to use, alter, destroy, or damage data, programs, or equipment may violate applicable law and could result in criinal prosecution, cifil liability, or both. This computer facility, including all applications and all data entered, created, received, stored or transmitted herein, is the property of and may be monitored by Yum! Brands, Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries of Yum! Brands. All data entered, created, stored or tansmitted to this computer facility may be accessed by authorized personnel only! Users should not have any expectation of privacy with regard to the entry, creation, transmission, receipt, or storage of data via any computer facility. Usage must be consistent with and is governed by Yum! Brands policies regarding the desktop, email and voice-mail functions, Internet usage and Security policies. ANY UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OR USE OF THIS COMPUTER FAILITY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ALL PROVISIONS OF APPLICABLE YUM! BRANDS POLICIES AND GUIDELINES MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION UP TO AND INCLUDING DISCHARGE.

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